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Friday, Feb. 25, 2022
10am WAT (GMT +1)
Onsite & Online
The conference will be virtual and physical this year.

Welcome to UR³ 2022

The UR³ (Unveil, Review, Redefine & Relaunch) Conference is an annual social development and empowerment event organised to impart strength and resilience in people to enable them show up stronger in spite of adversities. It was created from a deep seated desire to serve society by offering mental and emotional empowerment to its human resource and infuse in them the resilience required to brace up to physical, socio-economic and other related challenges that come with the vicissitudes of life.

With a progressive increase in various kinds of depressive disorders that are slowly eating up the core of communal harmony, it is undisputed that a large percentage of the local and global populace are experiencing one form of trauma or another which are often connected to an environmental/situational trigger that leave many stuck, silenced and deeply traumatised. It was on this foundation that UR³ was formed – to teach people how to get emotionally, mentally, physically and financially unstuck.


The Impact On Today’s Society

Studies have shown that personal struggles have adverse effects on work and interpersonal productivity. Therefore, addressing the issues in a timely manner could help career professionals, entrepreneurs and members of society at large to better navigate challenges in their personal and professional lives which will consequently affect personal, organisational and societal productivity.
So taking it Onward and Forward, UR³ 2022 will not just have speakers with empowering and instructive words to charge up participants, but more importantly too, interested participants will have access to confidential therapy and/or coaching sessions with professional Coaches and Therapists. There will be live coaching and therapy booths for registered attendees to enjoy 30 minutes FREE sessions in real time. The conference will attract local and international audience from across Africa, Europe America, and other parts of the world.

Who Should Attend?

The UR³ conference audience are young to middle age entrepreneurs, job seekers, career professionals and persons in transition who seek to find an anchor to hold on to through the rapid vicissitudes of life to help them progressively reposition and reinvent themselves for optimal productivity for the benefit of self, teams and society.


Date — Friday, Feb. 25, 2022
Venue: Physical Event: Lagos, Nigeria and virtually

The Hybrid conference will hold in two segments as follows:
Keynote and panel sessions: 10am - 2pm WAT
One-on-One coaching and therapy sessions open only to all attendees who register ahead.


Practical, Real Life Experiences & Insights that will set you up for success!

  • DATE

    Friday, Feb. 25, 2022

    Onsite and Offsite
  • TIME

    10am WAT

    7 Amazing Speakers