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Unveil, Review, Redefine, Relaunch!

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The Unveil, Review, Redefine, Relaunch (UR3) conference is an annual resilience summit that offers psychosocial support to members of society and equips them with progressive coping strategies that facilitate thriving in their respective endeavours to impact their communities despite life's vicissitudes.

Unveil... Review... Redefine... Relaunch!

The key objective is to promote well-being for all ages by creating awareness of available professional support with particular emphasis on Coaching, Therapy, Integrative Medicine and lifestyle change. Learn more

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Navigating & Evolving
Beyond Disruption

A Resilience Summit to help you win in 2024 and beyond.

The 5th edition is scheduled to hold on the 19th & 20th January 2024. The theme for the year is Navigating & Evolving Beyond Disruption. We will see distinguished local and international speakers have conversations that provide strategies for preserving psychological, emotional and physical well-being to promote overall work and life productivity.

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Don Azubuike Onyegbu
Don Azubuike Onyegbu

Workplace Performance Consultant

Folake Ighodaro
Folake Ighodaro

Coach, Entrepreneur

Victor Diali
Victor Diali

Workplace Performance Consultant

Bashirat Olasepo
Bashirat Olasepo


Chioma Ejire
Chioma Ejire
Nkem Offonabo
Nkem Offonabo

I was so excited to attend UR3 in the first month 2020. We didn't know it was the year of the pandemic but it helped us. I still remember Zeal's story about the need to prepare for opportunities as much as we pray for opportunities. It helped me look at my businesses differently. It makes me constantly ask myself how much I'm preparing for what I'm believing for. It's definitely a program people should attend.”

“My UR3 2020 experience was exciting! It was a great reminder of how powerful we are and what happens when we consciously decide to create a better reality. Consequently, through the course of the year 2020, I grew my community by 329%, launched my online course, created an affirmations mixtape, secured an investment for my business and made several profitable investments.”

“I have known StephREDD for many years and admire her strength and focus. When she invited me for the UR3 programme I knew it wasn't a programme to miss. After listening to all the speakers and panel sessions, I gained unique ideas that helped me find strength in purpose and execution throughout the year and enabled me to deal with a major challenge that I experienced in the course of the year. I look forward to the next edition.”

“Attending UR3 2020 was an opportunity that reminded and prepared me for the eventualities of the year 2020. Having started the year with clear instructions on how to manage adversity, I was able to ride through the challenges that 2020 brought. Indeed, no one is strong or fit until adversity hits.”

“The UR3 conference came right on time when I needed to embrace and function in the new year optimally. The sessions on Business Intelligence and Mental Health were spot on with practical and real-life examples. I got to know better than challenges, particularly in business, are not always breakers but also propellers. All the speakers were on point.
The UR3 experience was like medicine to revive my mind and channel it through the right course.”

“UR3 2022 was such a powerful and lifetransforming event with so many lessons. The session on Financial Intelligence was most Impactful, especially as it connected to the challenge I faced at the time. It changed my mindset of lack to that of abundance, even in the face of a substantial financial loss. I felt free and liberated, and I am on the journey of recovery.”

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